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Article posted on Thursday, June, 2nd, 2011 at 10:49 am

We’ve just launched the all encompasing online solution to Proteus Connections: Professional Development Program titled “Marketing 1Up” combining a wide range of advanced digital technologies including;

- CSS/ Cufon / jQuery / PHP CMS Database
- Streaming video tutorials
- Advanced user registration for companies and individuals
- Company forums
- Online exams with gradualtion listings Marketing 1Up offers agencies and marketing departments proprietary Professional Development Programs and Toolboxes on a yearly subscription basis. Designed with busy executives in mind, the Marketing 1Up online platform enables subscribers to work at their own pace at a time that fits their schedule while receiving support and feedback to ensure that subscribers stay on track.

Professional Development Courses are designed for individuals as well as teams. They are delivered via reading materials and online videos and are supported by discussion forums and webinars.

Toolboxes are designed for ad-hoc use. Whenever facing a marketing challenge – from a pitch to a demanding campaign, dealing with an emergency or planning long-term – subscribers can utilize the Toolboxes to get up-to-date on the latest thinking, concepts, tools and techniques.

Marketing 1Up courses are endorsed by The Communications Council with certification available.

Click here to open the “Marketing 1Up” website.


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