The OrigArmy Project – July

Basic CMYK


July: New OrigArmy Challenge!

This month welcomes the introduction of the Seal OrigArmy…
Calling all designers, illustrators, artists, photographers and all-round creatives…

Take on the OrigArmy challenge to win your self monthly prizes and exposure to over 15,000 design companies and like minded individuals. Each month we’ll be releasing a different OrigArmy animal with instructions, construct your OrigArmy in the style you chose, photograph it and post it on our Facebook wall. The most favoured OrigArmy each month wins prizes, and at the end of the year will be a grand Platinum Origrammy winner!

For more information, visit:

Desktop Magazine Project Wall


Desktop Magazine: Project Wall have profiled the recently launched Linens Unlimited identity rebrand and the design and development of their new website with online shopping cart and auto generated PDF creator. You can check out the website here.




The good people at Design Graphix have profiled 10FOLD in a double spread in their annually released OZGRAPHIX 9, showcasing the works of Linens Unlimited identity branding and website, Blue Star Group’s Edge identity and V-Shell brochure design. Purchase your copy via their website NOW!

Abishara Website Design and Development



To coincide with the identity branding for Abishara McLindin, we’ve designed and developed the new website, showcasing the fine attention to detail of Abishara McLindin’s building abilities via the online gallery and case studies. The concept behind the interface design was a minimalistic approach to place a strong focus on the imagery with a clean presentation of their new identity.

Abishara McLindin Identity and Branding


We’ve recently completed the identity branding for Abishara McLindin builders. The concept behind the abstract identity was to portray an easily recognisable icon representing a construction utilising the letter’s A and M, while maintaing a modern colour-way.