iPod invention 1979

Kane Kramer is a serial inventor. His inventions include the technology behind the MP3 player and Monicall. He was the first to conceive the idea of downloading music, data and video down telephone lines in 1979 when he was 23 and patented it with James Campbell who was 21. Together they went on to pioneer digitalrecording and built the world’s first solid state digital recorder/players.
Kane’s latest invention is Monicall – a system for making conversations into enforceable and legally binding agreements. Kane is the founder of the British Inventors Society (BIS), the British Invention Show and organiser of the British Invention of the Year Awards. www.thebis.org

This is what the first Portable Digital Audio player ever looked like on paper. This is an original drawing by Kane Kramer done in 1979 when he was 23 years old. It shows quite clearly the concept Kane believed would revolutionize the music industry. The IXI System report and the 1981 patent explains how the whole idea  revolved around distributing music electronically down telephone lines, this was many years before the internet had been invented.

Kane’s Patent also allowed for the downloading of data and software, there is no doubt that were it not for  the attempted coup to take over control of the company the technology would have emerged earlier. Despite having come up with this idea way a head of the game and at a time when nobody could quite believe  a machine didn’t need moving parts, Kane linked up with technical genius James Campbell and together built  the world’s first solid state audio recorder/player. After years of development and following four prototype  models the fifth pre-production model went on sale at the APRS exhibition at Earls Court – London.

Kane was recognised by Apple in 2007 for his inventorship and since has acted as expert consultant.

These were drawn more than 20 years before the IPOD emerged. Note the size and shape, screen and central 4-way scrolling navigation controls. Did somebody hold the idea very close to their chest until the market was ready to receive such a revolutionary product? Kane

Kramer’s vision for the future was and still is outstanding. Below is a drawing done in 1982 of Kane’s vision of a music shop of the future.

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