SAPPHIRE Checklist Animated Video


Animated Video: SAPPHIRE Checklist

Here’s the final teaser video for SAPPHIRE Checklist showcasing its features. We used our interface designs and animation to illustrate SAPPHIRE’s features.


SAPPHIRE Checklist Interface Design



The SAPPHIRE Checklist interface is designed to be both clean and user friendly, using flat colours related to the light blue of the SAPPHIRE Checklist gemstone.

Here are a few of SAPPHIRE Checklist’s features that we designed the UI for:

1. Allow your team to manage themselves by assigning a task to one team member and approval by another.

2. Organise tasks into stages when managing any sized project.

3. Save time by importing an existing checklist from a spreadsheet to create a new checklist template.

SAPPHIRE Checklist Typeface Design



To represent BlackCloud’s easy-to-use product range, we developed a friendly and approachable feel for their branding with our custom hand drawn typeface.

SAPPHIRE Checklist Storyboard Design


Storyboard Design: SAPPHIRE Checklist

Here are some of the storyboard screenshots taken from the SAPPHIRE Checklist teaser video highlighting the features and benefits of SAPPHIRE.


SAPPHIRE Checklist Branding


Branding: SAPPHIRE Checklist

BlackCloud have launched their second product SAPPHIRE Checklist. We designed the the icon and logo, consistently running with the concept of the gemstone family with an abstract gem-like illustration for SAPPHIRE’s gemstone.


BlackCloud Branding

BlackCloud - Logo

Branding: BlackCloud Software

We recently completed the brand identity for BlackCloud Software, with a simple and easily recognisable icon that would allow us to refrain from using any wording to accompany the identity. BlackCloud is a cloud based software company offering a range of online collaboration tools built to help creatives organise their projects and reduce administration time.