ONYX Core Animated Video

ONYX Core Video Screenshot

Animated Video: ONYX Core

Here’s the final video teaser for ONYX Core, the challenge was to communicate ONYX Core with easy to follow animated video in under 2 minutes.


ONYX Core Interface Design



The approach for the interface design for ONYX Core was a simple, user friendly flat colour design related to the black of the ONYX gemstone.
Here are some of ONYX Core’s features and UI the we designed above;

1. Organise your team and client’s details within one simple interface.

2. Stay up-to-date by marking clients and projects as favourites for easy access.

3. Keep your entire team on track with projects and clients. Archiving projects that have been delayed for later retrieval.

ONYX Core Typeface Design

ONYX Core Typeface


Based off the idea that BlackCloud are a range of tools to help the creative industry, the concept behind the typeface consisted of a custom hand drawn typeface with a friendly and approachable feel.

ONYX Core Storyboard Design

ONYX Core Storyboard

Storyboard Design: ONYX Core

Here are just a few of the storyboard screenshots taken from the ONYX Core teaser video, the idea was to communicate ONYX Core’s features and benefits without showing any of the interface designs.


ONYX Core Branding

ONYX Core Logo

Branding: ONYX Core

BlackCloud’s first product launch is ONYX Core, we designed the icon and logo surrounding the concept of a stylishly designed abstract gem-like illustration relating to the ONYX gemstone with a friendly hand drawn typeface.